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I Don't Do That (with Ocho)
I Don't Do That (with Ocho)
E16 I Play Drums Again - Update (Ogar)

Show Notes

This is a follow-up to “I Don’t Play Drums (Ogar),” Season 1, Episode 4.  If you haven’t already, you’ll want to listen to that episode before tuning in to this one.

When we last spoke with Ogar just 2 or 3 months ago, he was a resolute non-drummer.  He hadn’t touched drum sticks in two years.  Ogar’s 15-year pursuit of excellence had led to the fulfillment of some of his dreams, and brought him many friendships.  But for far too long, he had been overcome by disappointment and frustration at the grind, which led to him giving up the drums for good.  

…or so we thought!  I recently found out he was back behind the kit again, and called him to find out the details.

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