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By Dave "Ocho" O'Connell

About Ocho

A singer/songwriter local to Mankato, MN since 1999, Ocho is a musical public servant. Having toured the U.S. and Canada a few times, Ocho has always come back to the support and camaraderie of this southern MN community. Ocho's mission statement is "Truth and Absurdity in Music," and he has overwhelmingly delivered with over 100 original songs and 10 original recordings over 8 years. In addition to his career as a singer/songwriter, Ocho is an open mic host, karaoke DJ, event planner, booking agent and member of 7 local bands.

Ocho Means 8

How'd you get the name 'Ocho?'"
"I made it up."
"Yeah, but why 'Ocho,' though?"
"It occurred to me."